: Lot-et-Garonne is in green vigilance.

today Friday 15:

In the morning, the weather is cloudy with some thunderstorms. Over time, the weather is increasingly threatening with more frequent showers in the early afternoon, which are becoming scarce at the end of the day.

 Cumuls of the order of 10 millimeters of rain are locally planned.

 Weak wind, variable.

 Maximum temperatures: between 7 and 8 degrees.

> For the next night:

At the beginning of the night, the sky is congested by the clouds, with some showers possible in the valley of the Garonne, from the confluence to the Agenais. Some clearings occur here or there, but overall, gray and overcast weather prevails all night.

 At sunrise, establishment of a south wind, locally moderate.

 Minimum temperatures: between 2 and 3 degrees.

> For tomorrow Saturday 16 during the day and the following night:

In the morning, clouds dominate and clearings remain limited. A few drops are already possible in the Marmandaise plain. During the day, these rains are widespread under a cloudy sky. For the night: The evening begins under a cloudy sky. The many clouds give small showers. Rainfall usually ceases during the night, but cloud cover remains important. The showers persist however all night, very locally.

 The cumulative rainfall can reach locally 5 millimeters.

 Moderate south to southwest wind, day and evening; then attenuating.

 Minimum temperatures for the next night: between 3 and 4 degrees.

 Maximum temperatures for the day: 8 to 9 degrees.

> For the day of Sunday 17 and the following night:

The sky is still gray in the morning. In the afternoon, a few clearings are formed. For the night: In the early evening, the clouds are present, but some clearings are still possible. Then the sky is completely covered until the end of the night.

 Wind variable, weak.

 Minimum temperatures for the next night: 2 to 3 degrees.

 Maximum temperatures for the day: between 8 and 9 degrees.

The Lot et Garonne department wishes you a safe journey.

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